I just finished my second capstone project for the UX bootcamp I am currently completing. I was given a scenario of an e-commerce site and I took the reins from there!

Defining the Challenge

Stakeholders at Achilles footwear have found that 50% of users open seven item pages on average and then abandon the website without moving any items into the cart. In addition, 70% of users who place an item into their cart to not end up purchasing.

Determining the Solution

I relied on research to inform the best way to approach this issue. E-commerce strategies are very formulaic and I found that providing more…

I just completed my very first design sprint. Here is a case study of what I did, please leave me your tips and comments!

Day 1: Map

The following project was based on a fictional app called GramCity which was a part of BiteSize UX’s design sprint challenge. The premise of the app is a photo editor to make pictures look amazing before posting them on social media.

My task was to create a feature on the app that could show users locations of where they could take a great photo. There was a lot of great user research that I went through…

Traditional journals don’t work for today’s on-the-go user

With more and more people experiencing mental health problems, users are seeking new ways to de-stress and manage their emotions. Journaling has been a staple in the mental health community. However, in the modern technological era, many users find this old-school method boring and inconvenient. Bulky journals are not portable and if the user wants to be able to fully customize their entries with different colors and images, they must have a vast collection of supplies.

Design a journaling app for a tech-savy user

My goal was to find a way to…

Taylor Mitnick

UX Designer

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